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Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life!

Charity - Say No to Drugs

In the international war against drugs, the Scientology* Churches work with various associations who are also concerned about it and are organizing forums to raise the general awareness of society about the problems of drugs.

Therefore, local Scientology Churches support anti-drug campaigns and encourage their parishioners to invest their time in these campaigns. Scientologists from France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, England and Italy crusade for this campaign under the name, “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life”. Many celebrities in these countries also work hard in this struggle against drugs like Xavier Deluc in France. These campaigns are very successful in their communities and receive a lot of assistance and encouragement locally.

Charity - Say No to Drugs

Here and there, you can find information stands that promote the anti-drug message of the Church. Millions of people have been reached with this message and the majority sign up for the campaign to make France a drug-free country. A petition is underway, whose goal is to have the French government give out the true information about all types of drugs. We are receiving more and more support from the general public who are backing up what we are saying about the dangers of drugs of all kinds. Now people are becoming more aware of the dangers of this problem for not only themselves, but their children and grandchildren. They have realized for themselves that the future of society depends to a very large degree on the absence of drugs.

At Nice, we regularly man up information stands on Avenue Jean Médecin on Wednesday or Saturday afternoons.

Special operations to educate are also organized in the hot spots of Nice, L’Arianne and les Moulins. During these “operations” booklets are distributed for free. The three different booklets are called, “The Truth about Joints”, “Heroine, Death in the Blood” and “Ecstasy, The Traiter Revealed”.

These booklets are available free of charge from the Mission of Nice itself at 24, rue des Combattants en Afrique du Nord - 06000 Nice, just by asking. Please do not hesitate to ask for extra booklets to distribute to those around you.

You can also meet with those in charge of this campaign for more information about the various solutions to withdrawal from drugs that are suggested by the church. Contact us at 04 93 85 77 11.