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“Since I started to receive auditing, my character has really changed.
- My eyesight has improved. I generally no longer need to wear glasses for reading.
- I am always in a good mood and I laugh more than before.
- My relationships with those I work with are a lot smoother.
- I no longer argue with my husband and he is even more kind than before.
- My migraines have disappeared (for the moment and I hope, forever).
- I no longer have a fog around me. I am not confused any more.
I am very enthusiastic and I hope to progress further. I want to thank everyone!”

“During an incident in my past, I lost thirty seconds of my life. Thirty seconds is really nothing in a lifetime but when you are trying to discover what really did happen, thirty seconds can be enormous. Thanks to the auditing that I received, I recovered the exact feelings, exactly what my body was doing and at last, I was able to know what actually happened.”