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News - Exhibition

The “What is Scientology?” Exhibition is an opportunity for those that live in Nice to discover the many facets of Scientology, from the beliefs of those that count themselves as members to their commitment to the many social and humanitarian activities.

Great emphasis is put on the huge European drug prevention campaign that Scientologists have established, as well as proposing workable solutions to free those from this plague of modern society.

Various workshops, with photos and video, as well as lectures will be organized as part of this exhibition, that are both easy to understand and aesthetic.

Visitors to this exhibition are free to discover for themselves the fundamentals of Scientology and to ask questions.

A large part of the exhibition is devoted to the Purification* Program, as well as the Narconon drug rehabilitation program, a secular program based on the discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard. This is a vital discovery which has already helped hundreds of thousands of people become free from the toxic effects of pollution and drugs, which had been stopping them from thinking clearly.

What we see today is an obvious failure by the powers-that-be to stop the raising statistics of drug consumption in France.

Wasteful programs which are financed by public funds and promote the use of substitute drugs which then hooks the patients onto legal drugs, demonstrate that they have no solution to the plague of drugs in our society.