Église de Scientology de Nice - 24, rue des Combattants en Afrique du Nord - 06000 Nice - 04 93 85 77 11

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Distribution of Clothes

The parishioners of the Church of Scientology* very quickly became aware of the need to give back a little bit of dignity to people. Many people cannot clothe themselves. However this is a vital factor in finding employment in our society. Who wants to hire someone who is not properly dressed? We live in a world of communication and such a person would carry when working in a company would be badly thought of and therefore no one would hire him.

Charity - Clothing Distribution

We all have clothing in good condition that we no longer wear, for various reasons so we have decided to collect them up, do small repairs if necessary, we wash them, then our volunteers to go the “quartier des Moulins” (a very poor area in Nice) three times a year to distribute a large quantity of free clothes. The local associations help us to get in touch with the poorest people in our city.

The inhabitants of this quarter are so appreciative of this action, that we receive many expressions of friendship. Some of them even bring us coffee or tea. Each person contributes to improving life in this neighborhood in his own way. It is not necessary to be a Scientologist to contribute to these actions.

Any donations of clothes are welcome as well as any support in the distribution of the clothes. Please call us at 04 93 85 77 11 to find out when the next distribution will occur and what to do to help us.